Los Angeles / Los Cabos

For my long summer holiday, I flew back toward home, to a new city, Los Angeles, with old friends. It was the right choice. We ate well, danced accordingly, and I found myself facing late nights, boy crushes and celeb encounters that made me feel miles and miles away from my real life. I loved it. I miss it tremendously. 

One friend and I even managed to escape to Todos Santos and Cabo along the Baja California Peninsula for the long Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, though interestingly, we arrived the day after Hurricane Lidia struck, a hurricane that did not receive near as much attention as Harvey and Irma. It completely ruined one bridge, left a lot of debris on the road and killed at least four people. We were there during a time where the area was still trying to accommodate its huge tourism industry while simultaneously dealing with the devastation of this storm.

One week home and I am not coping well. When did it get so cold here?! In my writing group yesterday, we were asked to free write. I wrote about my skin, burnt but then bronzed from the Baja sun, peeling as soon as I stepped foot on my 11-hour flight to Frankfurt. We were then asked to identify one image from that entry and have a dialogue with it.

Dialogue with my peeling skin went something like this:

"I'm sorry I've left you like this."

"Yes, it's not very attractive. I'm all patchy."

"I had to come off. You warmed me too much without nourishing me after."

"But I lotioned every day and I felt so good wearing you!"

"But then you got on an 11-hour flight and the air was so dry."

"That wasn't by choice! I had to go home, to go back to work!"

"But it was by choice. You choose to be so far away."

"Ugh, but then why didn't you go all at once? Why, every morning, do I have to wake up and scrub more away?"

"I suppose to remind you. To let you transition here, to let you recognize the visible change mapped on out your body. To let my fledgling sister skin be ready for how this place weathers it, and weathers you."

Then, time ran out.

To warmer weather, to LA skin.

With love,