Copenhagen, Denmark

Last weekend, I had the great pleasure of being able to attend the baptism and 11-month birthday of the sweet daughter of my old roommates in Copenhagen. It was a family affair, and I was lucky to have a peek of it all, from venue preparation to cake-baking - something that means a lot when seeing your own family requires crossing an ocean. I also benefitted greatly from the experience, eating scraps of marzipan and bites of mousse wherever I could get them. 

Each time I visit CPH - and this was the third time - I have been greeted and hosted by friends. This makes it feel far more familiar than other European cities to which I have returned. It also means I have a far less mature conceptual understanding of how CPH is laid out, as I have often been passenger to getting from point A to B - I know there is a lot more of the city to explore. This trip, I spent most of my time between 'North' and 'West' CPH. I had an incredible brunch at Sidecar (RECOMMENDED) and a rainy, brilliant time at Tivoli Park. It has been AGES since I rode amusement park rides, and they were the cherry on top to a weekend full of baby love, cake and festivity. 

Church and state are still a bit 'married' in CPH, as it was explained to me, so it is common for children to be named and baptized in the church. Having said this, none of us expected the fanfare we received during the children's baptism ceremony. We were all seriously entertained and equally confused, as we were asked to sing in Latin, wave our arms and light candles. All of this was happening in Danish (aside from the singing), mind you, so I mostly laughed amusedly and awkwardly. Little baby A matched my expression time and time again.

There is not only a certain quality of live to CPH, but a real sense of life there; this is especially true when you are joining friends who live there and know the language. There is so much of the world to see,  but some places beg you back again and again. I have a feeling CPH will always be one of them.

A few photos below. On my final day, we also went to Dyrehaven, land of many deers, a day trip I also recommend for a bite of quintessential Danish.