Sofia, Bulgaria

This past week, I met a dear friend in Sofia, Bulgaria. She and I had met last May as we each faced both a deep desire for change, and a bit of anxiety about the consequences change brings. Nine months later, following the conception of our dreams that took us out of the same city, we had each birthed a reality that, for now, is good. (Okay, ridiculous metaphor, but the nine months distance could not be ignored.)

This friend is one I would call a 'soul friend', in that we have not known each other long, or spent much time together, but we click as you do with those you are meant to know. Sofia was the perfect city for a soul friend in that it offered little distraction from endless one-on-one time in cafes and restaurants. Undeniably, all we did was eat and gab. We walked a little, but, genuinely, just from one eatery to the next. I am still so, so full, and as equally full from quality time.

I wish I could say more about Sofia beyond the food. We did do a free walking tour. It was fine. It suited perfectly the time we had to spare between one meal and the next. Upon reflection, had we had less food to chew and less to digest about the updates of our own lives, we would have left the city to explore more of Bulgaria, the Seven Lakes and Rila Monastary. Alas, a weekend can only get us so far, but I am happy with the distance we traveled apart and together nonetheless.