We are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby

The reviews that told you this book would make you laugh out loud weren't lying. Samantha Irby's essays in We are Never Meeting in Real Life are hilarious, sometimes heart-wrenching and always dripping with personality. In heaping spoonfuls, she tells it to you straight until the last second, particularly because, for the most part, she never will meet the readers she so boldly reveals herself to in real life. This new era of blog writing, etc., allows her to be public in private, and private in public.

However, having said that, I wonder if she knows how quickly her writing does less to reveal her, and more to reveal readers to themselves. That is what makes certain voices shareable. They are not so self-indulgent that readers feel separate from the essayist. Contrary to her book title, her stories do allow us to meet her in real life, as it could alternatively be defined today, and to imagine how we would relate to her as well.

It was her deepest admissions that kept me tuned into each essay - her anxiety, depression, obsession, failings... all rooted in a difficult, and all too present, American, impoverished childhood. Certainly, this history of hers, and that magic that is all her own, has rightfully earned her the accolade she has received. I'm glad to have 'met' her.