Swing Time by Zadie Smith

Right now, I am nearing the end of Zadie Smith's fifth and newest novel, Swing Time. There are parts of the story I love. I love the main character's (does she have a name? Have I missed it?) reflections on youth and friendship, and I love when, as an adult, some of the education from her mother is made real by time spent in West Africa. But the premise based around the protagonist's work as assistant to a top singer / dancer lost me a bit, and did not add too much to the story for me. Maybe the vapidness of that storyline juxtaposed to the rest of it is intentional.

Admittedly, I have read nothing else by Smith yet. Anything else you recommend? How did this compare? 

One element to Swing Time that I did love was that of dance. During my reading, I found myself going on YouTube to watch a number of videos referenced in these pages. Look right to view a few.

Mr Bojangles Fred Astaire in Swing Time
Jeni LeGon "Ali Baba Goes to Town"

Kankurang dance

Michael Jackson Motown 25

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