These things No. 26

Heyooo. A mid-week list of things for all of you because I am very off my normal timeline. How is your week going? At UICC, we just tied up a two-day workshop on international negotiation and my brain is massively bumbled and tested. It's been fun and challenging, but I empathize with those who undergo high-stakes negotiations on a regular basis. People really dig in their heels when the pressure is on, even if it conflicts with their personal views! 

Anyway, here's a happy distraction from whatever work you're facing this week:

  1. Janelle Monae's music videos are incredible - check out this and this one
  2. Love these 'real' Oscar winners
  3. So glad she's back and posting more regularly - such a good eye!
  4. Beautiful images 
  5. No doubt, I'd watch
  6. Fake news
  7. Not perfect
  8. Just married in Antarctica
  9. Mindy Kaling on motherhood
  10. Alternatives to platonic love
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