These things No. 21

One year after the historical Women's March, the ladies (and supporters) were back again, as a solid reminder that we aren't going anywhere. I have loved seeing the incredible protest signs all over my social media, and the one above was a favorite (first seen @_stillwerise).

Coming home from duty travel this weekend, and seeing this activity of women all over the world once again, feels like a more significant start of a new year than Jan. 1, celebrated a few weeks ago. This reminder of momentum and solidarity around me, coupled with my first time home for more than a week in two months to take stock, carries with it more hope and more potential for 2018. We have laid our foundation for so, so long. Our platform is sturdier and higher than ever before. 2018, I believe in you. Let's do some good together.

Back in Geneva, I am so glad to be home for a little while, in my humble apartment, with my friends near and my books nearer, with brunches every Saturday and Sunday, and miserable weather outside giving me the only excuse I need to snuggle down. 

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