These things No. 15

This past week has been incredibly tough, and I find myself moving in a loop between tears, anger, powerlessness and uncertainty. Are we headed for a new kind of civil war? What action can we take to see real impact? And how do I support the people that are being targeted with such hate, racism and violence, recognizing that I am not the one most exposed - today and for as long as this hate exists, and is permitted, in America and the White House

At a minimum, I am trying to stay informed. So, in most of this list, I share with you different videos, articles and illustrations that have shed light on different elements of what happened last weekend in Charlottesville, and the response since, plus a few other looks into the American divide.

  1. This 20-minute segment by Vice is painful to watch, but an important and terrifying perspective on what happened last weekend.
  2. Eight ways to help after Charlottesville
  3. Creating safe spaces
  4. A reformed white nationalist speaks out on Charlottesville
  5. Stay woke
  6. More ideas on how to take action following Charlottesville
  7. Showing up for racial justice - Charlottesville
  8. Secrets of Silicon Valley - This mini-series broke my brain, but shows again the fractures in America and abroad
  9. Check out the documentary They Call Us Monsters
  10. A reminder to read Hillbilly Elegy
  11. On the light side, a version of this week's horoscopes.