These things No. 12

Happy Fourth of July! (And Happy Belated Canada Day!) This week is a short one for me, as I will be heading to Croatia for a long weekend Friday morning. I'm so excited - we will fly into Split, ferry to Hvar for a couple of nights (where we have a day tour of the nearby Paklinski Islands!), and return to Split for one night before heading back to work midday next Monday. Any summer weekend travel planned in July and August? 

Anyway, despite the weekend departure, I wanted to be sure I left you with a few things:

  1. This fourth of July ad and this article
  2. These 13 things. I am especially speechless about the last image.
  3. Thank you, Call Your Girlfriend, for this latest podcast wowing over the bad health policy in the U.S. Also, have you seen this?
  4. Indian women asking: Are sacred cattle safer than us?
  5. Right now, in 2017, I have read 50 books, and I am so glad to have been raised a reader.
  6. How to be mindful on vacation and 10 anxiety remedies
  7. Illuminate your world - love this
  8. Dream house and a helpful furniture guide
  9. Fan of houseplants?
  10. How to pack a suitcase