These things No. 13

It is a grey weekend with imminent thunderstorms here. A friend and I had tickets last night to see Baby Driver at an outdoor theater in Geneva, and the rain kept us away. The same is true of an event we had planned for tonight. In truth, I am not that disappointed. It was an excuse to get some sleep last night/this morning, and I enjoyed a long brunch out this afternoon while the sun made its brief appearance. 

This week has been busy - it was Paleo music festival in Nyon, and I also saw the first half of Angels in America, which is a hella long play. It's also marvelous. Today marks a week until I leave for a quick trip to Canada, so I am using this rainy weekend as an excuse to take it easy and prepare for the trip. Wine, chocolates and caramels have been acquired. You can also snack on these things:

  1. Oh, I so hope this is true.
  2. The deep dive
  3. I have never wanted $3.5m more.
  4. Would love to visit here.
  5. Likely going to eat this tonight.
  6. So tempting for next month's visit to California!
  7. This Bento box premise for a work wardrobe definitely caught my interest.
  8. A cafe here in Geneva is displaying this artwork, and I so badly wish I could invest in one of her pieces!
  9. This house
  10. But also this house!
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