Have you guys been following SKAM, a Norwegian TV show set at a high school in Oslo? I am almost done with season two (the fourth season is currently airing), and it is definitely one of those shows that digs its claws in FAST. I have not been so excited about a series in a long time, and I owe my old roommate a massive thanks for the recommendation last week. Since then, my mother and father are both watching it, and we are checking in with one another to see how far we have each gotten. My father is in the lead, waiting for the next episode to come out in season 4.

SKAM stands for 'shame' in Norwegian, and the show takes on different sensitive subjects of 'otherness': Body image issues, being the target of feline cattiness, sex and sexuality, faith but, most of all, the show is about extreme loyalty between friends. I find myself constantly nostalgic for my group of university friends as I watch this (not that I wasn't already, ha!). And, despite the high school context, the delivery is mature and affective; you become absorbed in the characters' lives, and in the relatable experiences they have. What also makes this show so unique is that each character has a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube account. You can check in on them even between episodes, and hints are provided to indicate a little of what can be expected in the coming week (I haven't actually checked this out yet, as I worry I could become a bit too obsessed).

Anyway, I would write more about it, but I really just want to finish season 2 before the weekend ends, so... Most of the episodes are available with English subtitles here. Check it out. I dare you not to love it. No. I dare you to love it.