These things No. 8

I was meant to head early this morning to a full-day memoir writing workshop but I woke up with that fatigue one faces after a long week, and with a longer week on the horizon. I have given myself permission to be a little bit slow and lazy today, taking care to get rest and rid myself of a cough that has been troubling me for the past two weeks before sunny skies return to Geneva tomorrow. So, instead of writing memoirs, I have written you this list:

  1. The RompHim. No words. Actually, one word: Yes.
  2. A lot of new TV. Most importantly, the return of Twin Peaks. Will they beat this scene?
  3. Also Casual season 3, Master of None season 2 and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 3 to make time for...
  4. Really enjoyed this and this home tour.
  5. Appreciated this article.
  6. This is sweet and so, so true.
  7. Yes please.
  8. Cannot get over this and this beautiful movement.
  9. Thank goodness for late night hosts.
  10. Finally, while plenty of TV has been mentioned above, has anyone been watching this? Incredibly well acted, but also feels a bit too frighteningly possible.