These things No. 6

Been keeping an inventory of fun or interesting things this week, and a final Saturday in April is as good an occasion as any to bring them together here.

  1. This spectacular, strange deer squad. 
  2. This beautiful video. Wow. (And, the music, of course.)
  3. An apartment in my favorite shade of green.
  4. Love that Cup of Jo always notes these lit geek articles.
  5. Joy.
  6. Let's never forget nudity.
  7. I am happy every time I see these pop up on blogs and Instagram.
  8. Match Book on memoirs.
  9. The painted people of Harlem.
  10. Also, have I mentioned yet how obsessed I was with this book?
  11. Many thanks to the friend who sent me this short and sweet piece.
  12. Paris' most secret street.
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