These things No. 5

As always, too many things, too little time. So, if time is especially short, check out this quick recap of interesting things from recent weeks:

  1. Delightful little reminders to have pride in yourself.
  2. It looks like Cup of Joe will be covering Gather for Goats, a new initiative to buy 800 goats for Syrian refugees living in Jordan, in an article soon. The premise is: Host a dinner party and fundraise. It costs $300 per goat. Please report back on your event and its success!
  3. This cracked me up.
  4. A great reminder that reading a book a week is not that difficult.
  5. Very tempted to make my way here or here. Also, how have I not been here.
  6. Oh, to live in one of these.
  7. Great tips on how to start your own podcast and a starter feminist syllabus.
  8. Number one Instagram husband.
  9. Love this photo series , and this one.
  10. And this article.
  11. So glad springtime is arriving.
  12. My perfect New York guide.
  13. Bonus: Yoga for loneliness.
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