These things No. 4

I am so glad it is Friday, and that I have a few quick minutes to list some recent web faves.

  1. First, this store, from which the above image came, looks so nice if you are anywhere near Seattle.
  2. I'm also all about this motto right now.
  3. I have really been appreciating this email subscription lately, which sends a round up each week of the most important news stories and think pieces on the importance of protecting free speech and free expression.
  4. This Indivisible Guide for resisting the Trump agenda is incredible.
  5. Really love this tiny, book-filled apartment in Toronto.
  6. If you are looking to start reading more regularly, these offer some great opportunities (and special thanks to the friend for sharing this with me!)
  7. On books, I am also a fan of this and this.
  8. For further home inspiration, I recommend this and this. And this, so, so much.

Okay, that's all from me at the moment. TGIF like there is no such thing as Sunday, y'all.

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