Four* new podcasts

UPDATE: Because the below two podcasts will not begin until Saturday, I found myself listening to even more new podcasts and discovered yet another two that I absolutely recommend: Food4ThotPod and The Call with Erica Williams Simon. Check out their teasers here.


The Call with Erica Williams Simon

Looking for a new podcast? With one remaining episode of Missing Richard Simmons, I certainly will be looking for new entertainment beginning next week. And good news! Prospects are high with the launch of two new podcasts: Lovett or Leave It, from one of the co-creaters of Pod Save America, and S-Town, from the creators of Serial.

While I could introduce each to you, there are already previews available for each. Check them out here: 

Lovett or Leave It, airing Saturday, March 25

S-Town, airing Tuesday, March 28