These things No. 1

The blogs I love tend to list, nicely and cutely, other things on the web they are enjoying recently. Happy to join this trend.

  1. First off, this is quite possibly the best minute I have passed in a long time.
  2. Along the same lines (Trump media), all the buzz going around about Trump's handshake is absolutely hilarious. John Oliver put a great reel out about the handshake, with sound effects. Just as brilliantly, today, The Guardian posted about how Justin Trudeau beat the handshake. Have I mentioned how glad I am to also be Canadian. Bravo, Trudeau. Well done, you.
  3. A new episode of Call Your Girlfriend is out.
  4. How to be an active ally to immigrants and refugees.
  5. Love these paintings. Immediately made one the background of my iPhone.
  6. I also really enjoyed looking at these paint palettes and this home tour and envelope art.
  7. This Trudeau sweater.
  8. This conversation between roses.

*Image from NY times today, by Andrea De Silva/Reuters

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