Listen in: 'Pod Save America'

When I have time for a podcast and I am not listening to Call Your Girlfriend, I have been listening to Pod Save America, which shies away from pop culture updates and sticks almost entirely to U.S. politics. This is unsurprising considering it is a podcast produced and voiced by Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor, four of Obama's former aides.

Listening to this podcast is equivalent to what a friend of mine would call 'preaching to the choir', in that it smartly provides commentary that I always agree with. They laugh at Trump's latest tweet, like this one, and I laugh with them. They share a moment of silence for (Kellyanne Conway's fictitious reference to) the 'Bowling Green Massacre' and I salute the satire. They joke about how Trump is acting like Nixon after six years in the White House--tired, bitter, beleaguered--even though it has only been 2.5 weeks, though it does feel like 10 years, and I am raising my hands to say, 'Amen!' (See latest podcast, when they strip the publicized headline 'Trump and staff rethink tactics after stumbles' to unveil a more accurate truth:  'Dotty old racist wanders around the White House in a bath robe'.)  (And also, can we pause for a second to once again remember that it is Black History Month, and Trump spoke, when on subject, as if he knew nothing at all about the subject at hand?)

Yesterday, during an all-day brainstorming retreat at work, we still managed to joke about how Trump's hatred for but addiction to SNL is essentially the same hatred and addiction the world has for Trump. Almost daily I have one of those conversations with someone at the office or elsewhere about how news has become entertainment (for instance, this, seriously?) and yet THIS IS REAL. So, while I love the liberal echo chamber maintained by podcasts like CYG and Pod Save America, I am eager to figure out how to take one step beyond being informed and entertained by the completely inappropriate dialogue and decisions of the United States' Head of State and his staff (and, how they might very seriously impact the state of the world), I also want to spend more time figuring out what paths of action I can take to participate, beyond small donations and letters to appropriate stakeholders. Any thoughts?*

*This and this is a start.

Micaela NeumannComment