These things No. 19

Hello 2018! How is everyone enjoying their first weekend of the year? I'm back in Geneva, but only for a few days before heading to Uganda and Zambia for work travel. I have been enjoying long sleep-ins this weekend in an effort to stock up on rest and good health  (jet lag may have altered my hours of operation...). Since returning from Texas, it's been really nice to catch up with friends and colleagues - there is definitely something in the air that hints of renewed hope. 

Here's to hoping you enjoy these weekend links.

  1. Nine ways to be a better person in 2018.
  2. When in Austin, I love going to Alamo Drafthouse, and they show some crazy pre-show material. Favorites from the holiday include this and this.
  3. Have you heard of Gua Sha facial tools? 
  4. Really enjoying this Seattle-based skin care line.
  5. Eager to check this book out.
  6. New seasons of Lovesick and Black Mirror on Netflix!
  7. Three words: Victorian dinosaur park.
  8. Level up 2018.
  9. Love this apartment remodel.
  10. Have you heard that Cup of Jo is hiring?
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