December playlist

Happy New Year's Eve! Honestly, good riddance 2017. Let today be a day to take stock of the good the came from this year and prepare for a year that should be better. 2018, I am counting on you. 

What are your New Year's Eve plans? And, a far more fun subject, are you subjecting yourself to any New Year's resolutions? I have a few in mind, but, in the general sense, they center around being a better, more content, less anxious, more informed, more (self)compassionate, less selfish, more fulfilled person. On va voir... It is an always fascinating thing that we desire so many opportunities to start fresh. A new year. Maybe a new journal - the blank page. A new job. A new relationship. These things always feel so exciting. I suppose... I'd like to think I can resolve to be this excited about everything, all the time (or through the month of February? Or through the evening?......).

To start, I'm excited about this December playlist.