These things No. 18

Happy holidays! How is everyone? I've been so behind on the blog and am still trying to weasel in time to catch up on a few important posts - namely, the backlog of book commentary. My goal to read 100 books by the end of 2017 is almost reached (I'm on my last book!) but it means I have barely paused to stop and reflect on each, let alone write about them. Those who know me know I aim to read a little less next year... Mix it up a bit.

I'm in Austin for these holidays, a welcome break in what was a busy end to 2017, and a busier start to 2018. Wishing you all a wonderful start to a new year - one that will hopefully take and transform a lot of learnings from this one. Here are a few fun things to close out '17.

  1. Top films of 2017. Do you agree? I agree 110% on the No. 1 spot
  2. Books to think about in 2018. Not sure how it will match this year in literature...
  3. Christmas money to burn? Check these out.
  4. A quick read on feminism in America. Also, did you know feminism is Word of the Year?
  5. Patti cakes - it deserves more credit than it has so far received.
  6. When in Paris... on NYE.
  7. I wish I didn't want this.
  8. This winter view.
  9. Treat yourself. If you're in Austin, it is available in this modern apothecary. 
  10. Can't wait to keep hanging in 2018.
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