These things No. 17

It's Friday!!! I am so happy for the weekend, with prospects of good girlfriend time, avocado toast and my favorite dance instructor at the gym. Yeehaw - let the fun begin. I am also on a critical reading deadline between now and the end of the year, where I must complete two books a week to reach my goal of 100 books in 2017. Let's see if I manage to be successful...

In the meantime, a few weekend distractions:

  1. It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Check out my first professional blog here
  2. Intrigued to check out this documentary series, and this film.
  3. Better policing for New York - join the conversation.
  4. Surprised I had never heard of this podcast.
  5. For a time, Amanda Jane Jones was in Geneva and I loved seeing familiar, artistic images of my city. Now she is back in Chicago, and her home is incredible.
  6. Following a read of this article, I had some great conversations with colleagues at lunch today.
  7. I am very eager to get my eyes on this film too.
  8. Cracked me up.
  9. Oh my god.
  10. Heartbreaking but beautifully showcased.
  11. Bonus.
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