Four-story walk-up

My new apartment is on the fourth floor with no elevator. This lack of elevator is the reason I found so much space at a reasonable price, but I certainly had my doubts about whether or not I would be able to get used to the climb home every day. 

Somehow, though, I have romanticized the whole thing enormously, and this has sustained me. I found myself remembering one of the final scenes of Before Sunset, when Celine and Jesse get out of the car, greet her darling cat Che, and take the long rounding stairs up to her apartment. I loved this. It was a transitional scene (hence, why I could not find a clip on YouTube), but it was simple and perfect in building the tension to the final scene*.

I like that notion. I have four flights of stairs that separate my home from the rest of my world and that daily climb helps me transition from one to the other. The things I do not want to bring into the rest of my world, I leave locked inside the apartment. And the things I do not want to bring into my home, I kick down the stairs. (Metaphorically. These are metaphorical 'things' y'all.)

As a side note, I am also really enjoying greeting all my panting friends when they arrive and thinking to myself that, after doing it for only a few weeks, I pant a little bit less. (There will come a day, however, when I have to travel a long distance and carry a suitcase down and up those damn stairs.)

*The final scene to Before Sunset is one of my favorite of all times. Not only is Celine's home somehow sacred in its deliberate messiness, but Nina Simone is playing on the radio and the final two lines are brilliant.

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