The makings of a new home

I moved into a new apartment in the middle of the month, and have since spent the last three weeks cozy-ing it up as quickly as possible. Living thousands of miles away from one's hometown makes it difficult to move large items collected during adolescence to this new home (one suitcase of 23kg does not go far, especially when half the weight is already occupied by books). So, I have had to be very intentional about the personal touches I add. When I do venture beyond Ikea, however, these are the stores that have tempted me (approach with caution).

The Citizenry. Sustainable home goods.  

Beklina's House and Objects (ahem, rugs)

Loom and Field (ahem, more rugs)

Prints at Ohkii Studio

Female support systems from Kaye Blegvad

And in Austin, Spartan Shop and Take Heart (images below, respectively)

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