World Cancer Day recap

Today marks Feb. 5, the day after World Cancer Day. From what I gathered, it was a success. Geneva, in addition to raising World Cancer Day flags, lit our jet d'eau orange in recognition. Social media blasted World Cancer Day posts all day. 

I was monitoring live chat requests through some of last week, and I received one question asking, did World Cancer Day help to reduce the cancer burden? This was a challenging question in that it was unanswerable. There are no such metrics that could capture whether a global day of recognition contributes directly to more cancers prevented, diagnosed or treated. How could that be done? And anyone who takes a statistics class knows correlation does not equal causation.

The answer was, we hope it contributes, but we acknowledge that efforts must go far beyond an annual World Cancer Day, to daily awareness and daily action. To new research and investment in trained healthcare professionals. To essential medicines, radiotherapy and surgery. We cannot achieve this if we do not understand that it is necessary. World Cancer Day is an opportunity to say, yes, absolutely, without all of these things, cancer will continue to kill millions per year. Economies will continue to falter under this loss of human resources. And families and friends will continue to suffer losses, here, in the United States, in India, in South Africa, in Samoa, all the world over.

Okay, so my actual response ended after the first sentence in the above paragraph. But for my few readers here, I hope, for a moment, this catches your interest. It has caught mine in a big way.

Anyway, a few more photos from this week's final series of Support through Sports events, including children's park activities like egg runs and wheelbarrow races, and a Jane Fonda themed Friday with morning and afternoon aerobic sessions, with a long badminton lunch. I also had the opportunity to take pictures of our President Elect, HRH Princess Dina Mired of Jordan, on the Mont Blanc bridge with our flags. Tomorrow, Monday, our most active participant during the last week will receive an award, and I am so excited.

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