Trump and mental illness: Why this is problematic

Yesterday, I saw quite a few articles circulating about Donald Trump showing signs of mental illness. While I, like most, if not all, of my social network eat this stuff up, grabbing on for dear life of any possibility of moving this fascist, sexist, dangerous man from power, headlines negatively leading with mental illness are not the right approach. Yes, Trump is a narcissist. I don't need a psychology degree to tell you that, but bringing mental health into the headlines of American media in such a negative light is not okay. It exacerbates the stigma and discrimination experienced by any who work hard to maintain their mental health.

We saw the recklessness and inappropriateness of this when mental health continued to rise to the surface of conversations around gun violence in the U.S. The truth is, most people with mental health diagnoses are not violent, or dangerous. We have to stop using this as a cop out, or as an accusation.

Just my two cents. I'll let John Oliver take it from here.

Micaela NeumannComment