I am a mid-20s anthropologist / sociologist / communicator by training. Born on Kihei, Hawaii, brought up in Austin, TX, with roots and citizen status in Canada, I now live in Switzerland, where I work in global health advocacy.


About This Blog

'As ever, M' has been my cyber identity since 2010. It took root during a tribute reading to J.D. Salinger at the Harry Ransom Center in Austin, Texas the year he died. During this reading, I learned that he signed many of his personal letters with 'As ever.' I decided to adopt this as my own forever after.

As someone who had hungrily followed blogs for about a decade, and due to the particular time in which we live (cough, 2016 election, cough), it felt right to put my mix of fancies in one place--reading, traveling, staycationing, viewing (art, TV, film), and participating (in global health and, now, politics at home). Here we go!

As ever,


Side note: All images that are not hyperlinked or referenced to their original source belong to me.